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    Rose: Anyway. Happy New Year. Doctor: And you. What year is this? Rose: Blimey, how much have you had? 2005. January the first. Doctor: 2005. Tell you what. I bet you’re going to have a really great year. Rose: Yeah?…See ya.

    One of my all time favorite episodes with Tennent. Broke my heart like doomsday all over again. #familyofblood #doctorwho

    ...Doctor Who ? .. :)...

    ♥ The Doctor


    Oh my tenth...

    Not only did I tear, I cried with this episode! ♥

    I don't know if I've already pinned this, buuut... mmmMMM he's yummy... David Tennant, Doctor Who...

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    So, let them be happy, while they can.


    Saddest episode ever :(

    I cried for forever after this episode. haha.

    The best of David Tennant

    Doctor Who

    .... Well that made me sad. :( *sobs*

    Staal the not so undefeated anymore, but never mind

    Yeah, Debbie Downer! Zip it.