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    Why comprehensive sex education is so important

    • Carrie Hinton

      Sex ed isn't just a private issues. It is a public health problem! Lowering std, teen pregnancy, and abortion rates are just a few of the benefits we would get from having unapologetic, open, and honest conversations with kids. Sex is fun, and they'll figure it out whether you tell them or not. Its better to make sure they know what's up and can take care of themselves.

    • James Chung

      This infographic highlights the importance of sex ed, examining evidence of the harms associated with poor sex education. It is a good rhetorical foundation to build upon when engaging this topic and gives a basic understanding of the matter at hand. This wouldn't necessarily be directed towards teens however. It could potentially work as a tool to educate parents on the importance of this topic.

    • Kandice

      Interesting stuff. Too bad Texas is ranked worst...not surprising I guess. Maybe one day people will understand teaching about safe sex to teens does not make them automatically more likely to have sex and not practice abstinence.

    • Jessica Lords

      If you don't believe we need comprehensive sex ed in schools- take a look at this. Abstinence only education doesn't work.

    • National Women's Health Network

      We know sexual education for young people is important for their future health. Unfortunately many politicians aren’t so well informed. Now the Louisiana legislature won’t pass amendments that would help increase sex education because it thinks asking teens about sex will encourage sexual behavior.

    • Gabrielle Lopez

      Medically accurate and comprehensive sex ed is more important than ever! Sex Education infographic

    • Alex Strack

      It's time to have comprehensive sex education in public schools everywhere. Let's be real.

    • Sexycrets

      Infographic #sex #sexed #sexeducation #teenpregnancy #sexfacts

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