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Rail Travel Europe - Faster And Easier Than Ever Before! When it comes to rail travel Europe has never been the most ideal place to make it all happen.

Harry Potter

I started out looking for book towers - this is what I found My Pottermore house. Ravenclaw Tower by *Whisperwings on deviantART there are drawings of all of the Hogwarts houses. << I love my House!

These guys ....

Harry Potter encounters supernatural forces in his journey. One of these forces are the dementors. The dementors are dark, cloaked figures that feed off of humans well-being.

They all lined up and she watched from the sidelines. "If you want to escape you have to jump." One said to her, before quickly running straight to the train car opening. He vanished from her sight. She knew what he meant, but leaving her home.... But the choice of freedom was much better, and by peering out and her hair flowing in the raging wind, she knew what to do. She jumped and never looked back

ride a train.on a trip. I haven't been on one except for a field trip in second grade

hogwarts map

Not a fan of HP but I like maps! Hogwarts Engraving / by ~Gamma-ray-burst (Kiko Sanchez, Spain) / A Hogwarts map based on films design, inspired by century engraving style. Vectorized in Inkscape and colored in Photoshop


"Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport." top-down perspective bird's-eye view overhead view planes airplanes airport

10 Tips for Making Your Home Smell Like Spring

I like to imagine this little spot in a garden house. Somewhere to clean and prepare vegetables from the garden/store goods/etc. It must have the sweet ivy window.

11 of the World’s Coolest Train Stations

Central station, Antwerp, Belgium Antwerp’s ‘Railway Cathedral’ has its domed roof, iron and glass vaulted ceilings and lavishly decorated stone and marble interiors& a mall and a diamond gallery home to some 30 diamond shops.