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This smart gadget plugs into the same port that mechanics use to service your car, then links with your smartphone over Bluetooth 4.0 to provide data to a dedicated app. With the app running, you'll be able to see an overall score of how you're driving and how you could save more money, details about how much you drive, where, and your actual MPGs, and notifications when your check engine light comes on — along with a description of what's actually causing the problem.

Outex Waterproof Camera Covers

Mophie Juice Pack Helium. Increase your iPhone battery by 6+ hours of talk time

Fully connect your home to your smartphone with Ninja Blocks. This compact, completely customizable device allows you to connect with a variety of sensors and actuators to monitor and control things around your home, all directly from your cell phone.

Don't water your drink down with ice or keep your party focused around a ridiculous ice luge — if you want to serve you and your guests the coldest booze imaginable, grab yourself an Ice Jacket

More Content, More Problems: The Struggles of a #Sales Rep

The BugASalt is a plastic shotgun of sorts that expels a pinch of salt a high speed with the aim of killing flies (or other undesirable insects, we suppose). It works. It’s freaking brilliant! The fly is pierced multiple times with tiny sodium chloride pellets, killed instantly. There’s no splatter, no mess like with flyswatters. Only the thrill of the hunt.

This is the pocket-sized battery that charges an iPhone or any USB device. Eliminating the need to carry multiple chargers and power cords, the battery provides 25 hours of talk time for iPhones and Android smartphones, and 4 1/2 hours of use for an iPad.

Das Horn: the Definitive Drinking Horn.

Misfit Shine activity tracker

Fire Hose iPhone Covers

Creature Cups

A tailgating must have! You sneaky drunks! Perfect for the golf course, the beach, the park, sporting events, your dorm, wandering your neighborhood, in front of children, in front of your wife...really anywhere you F'in like.

The Reflo Smart Cup is a revolutionary new concept in training cups. Its a smart alternative to sippy cups and a great transitional tool for your children to learn to drink from an open cup. $7.99

GoPro Hero 3

Eton Boost Turbine - This portable power pack features a 2000 mAH lithium-ion battery pack, a durable aluminum body, an LED charge indicator, a Micro-USB DC input for use with standard phone chargers, and your choice of one of four exterior colors. The big deal, however, is the built-in hand turbine power generator, which lets you juice up the battery, no electricity required.

LaCie CloudBox - Available in 1TB - 3TB capacities, this dead-simple device plugs into the wall and your router — using Ethernet — and in minutes appears on your Macs and PCs just like a normal connected device. Thanks to its UPnP capabilities, it can stream music, movies, and photos to devices like the Xbox 360 and iPad wirelessly, and can also provide streaming service over the Internet with its MyNAS feature

iPad Mini – Começam a surgir utilizações alternativas

NEC NEC CRV-43 43-inch Curved Monitor

Rubbermaid Metal Pan Organizer

Retractable indoor clothesline for the laundry room.

Wireless streaming storage for your tablet. It lets you take your media library on-the-go and stream it wirelessly to your iPad, Android tablets, and smartphones

Alarm clock you have to stand on to turn off. I need one. AWESOME!!!

SmartThings - This new system promises to let you control and/or receive notifications from a variety of devices — such as power outlets, open/shut, motion, and presence sensors — with many more on the way.