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LOL. So mean, but so funny.

If you have friends you will never be short of prank ideas. There might be funny pranks as well as scary pranks but importantly they need to qualify as good pranks. This page gives you an idea of funny April fools prank.

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Hahah! Only die hard Disney fans will understand these Lion King memes...

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Mean xD

funny pranks upside down water glass have fun cleaning up love dad

Ha ha ha now that you mention it... So true!

funny abercrombie and fitch advertising clothes without wearing them since 1892

Wait until there is a large group, then     clear you throat and calmly say "I bet you're all wondering why I brought you     here."

Wish I had the balls to do these things! I will be laughing to myself next time I am on an elevator. So funny!

Bottom of the glass. April Fool's? I may just do this to my husband this year :)

This would be fun for Halloween party! Fill plates first so guests don't see till after they eat! hahaha- This would be awesome in a soup bowl or drink cup

Ugh.. it HAD to be SO awkward! Lol

who invented hugs? I mean the first hug would have been sooo awkward. "What are you doing, why are you holding me?" "Shhh just trust me"

Worst Pranks ever ! Great blog !

Trying to figure out the best April Fools' day prank? Use one of these thirty-nine epic ways to prank your friends on April Fools!

Closest to violin

My daughter really plays violin, but we both do this with our straws. We like to see who can play the theme to Jaws, lol.


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