Clock out of pictures

This is an ingenious idea for a wall clock. Personalize the borders with your favorite postcards, pictures from the place you might have been or traveled to. It’s a neat idea for a DIY project.

Add even more distinctive flair by hanging the frames with wires or velvet ribbons from a large wooden dowel or use hemp rope for a rustic look. For this grouping, smaller dowels were drilled and and screwed to the main rod.

Give your family photos the gallery treatment. This one was created using a curtain rod from which simple wood frames in various sizes were hung. To achieve the look here, try Water Based Wood Stains in China Red, Botanical, Toffee and Royal Mahogany.

family photos + hanging - I like the informal, yet clearly planned pattern.

12 Quick Do's and Don'ts for Decorating with Art

One of the hottest design trends right now are those Chic Eclectic Art Gallery picture arrangements for your home. This stylistic form of hanging artwork is a fantastic way to showcase a grouping of your family photos or an artwork collection,

Easy DIY tool to make picture hanging extremely easy

Hammer nail through a wooden ruler. Hang picture on that nail. Line it on the wall where you want it. Remove picture, push in nail to make an indent. Remove ruler, hammer another nail into the wall Hang your perfect picture up.

frames up stairs

The Full Home Tour

hanging pictures over sofa

Neat ideas :) Must-see illustrations and great suggestions for hanging picture frames over the sofa, couch, furniture!