• Mady Street

    October 2014 - Ballroom Dance Lessons, Fred Astaire Dance Studio

  • Laurie M

    Dancing with someone you love .... Schumann & Company - Commercial Photographer’s Agency & Commercial Photography News

  • Mary Lin

    Learn ballroom dance with someone I like. I think it's very romantic and classy. However I'm an awful dancer because I lack rhythm and coordination.

  • Summer Pruitt

    The leg techniques of the Argentine Tango are what make that dance. It is truly one of my favorite latin dances.

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Pas de Deux- Dance well represents my life because I've been a part of the minority as far as male ballet dancers go. The complexity of this pose refers to the complexity and struggle implied being a straight male dancer in a predominantly female world. The artistry and beauty of the body lines in the photo remind me of how gratifying it is to preform and how accomplished I feel after entertaining in front of hundreds during recitals. Entertaining others is what I love to do.

Dancing.......ahhhhhh. I just love dancing!

Helen Levitt