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    • Beth Darmante

      Ice cubs can remove dents from the floor.

    • Tiffany Hittle

      Spring Cleaning: How To Remove Carpet Dents with ice cubes!

    • Brittani Mann

      Use ice cubes to release furniture indentations in the carpet + other great cleaning tips, spring cleaning

    • Social Grocery

      remove carpet indentations with ice cubes #household #tips

    • Shaniqua Alterego

      Featured here: Removing carpet dents with ice cubes. This blogger has other household tips and tricks. Just scroll down and find lists 1-5.

    • Matchless Designs

      Use ice cubes to remove dents from carpet and other great household tips

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    NEW BAKING TRICK: When you need softened butter - grate the butter while it is still hard, then mix with other ingredients as normal. It will soften quickly and perfectly and give an even dispersal of butter throughout the dough.

    Some natural remedies to stop mosquito bites itching. Tea tree oil Lavender oil Eucalyptus oil Citronella oil Coconut oil Honey Saliva Saliva and salt pineapple juice Rub with a segment of lemon or lime Rub basil leaves on the bite Cut the tip off a Aloe vera plant and rub on the bite Rub it with the inside of a banana peel Cover the bite with a slice of onion Take a hot bath Swab with hot water

    Naturally Repair Wood With Vinegar and Canola Oil. So, for a super cheap, use 3/4 cup of oil, add 1/4 cup vinegar. white or apple cider vinegar, mix it in a jar, then rub it into the wood. You don’t need to wipe it off; the wood just soaks it in.

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