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  • Dennis V

    Good guy Loki (Tom Hiddleston) lets tiny Captain America knock him out on the set of The Avengers

  • Tabitha Weed

    Little Captain America defeated Loki - Kid in funny Captain America costume standing over defeated Loki from The Avengers. I'm kinda in love with Tom Hiddleston.

  • Ashlee Morris

    Good Guy! This is why The Avengers rule. I have read/heard so many awesome things like this involving kids. None of them are jerks. Or Whiny. Or ungrateful. Class act that bunch of superheroes.

  • Loki Beamen

    #TomHiddleston #Loki #CaptainAmerica #Avengers #Set #Kids

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His face! Oh my word he's just completely surrendered: "Okay you win. I could never measure up to your awesome strength" The real Loki would never actually do that so the fact he's doing it for this kid is adorable!

Who took Tony Stark's drink? I really hope this is on the DVD extras!! I don't care I've already pinned this it's too perfect

^ That comment. Those adorable boys are messing with us. ;)

I want to see loki and tom interact so bad...I feel like loki would try to be all cool but tom would be so sweet and understanding that he would confess all of his problems and insecurities and end up breaking down oh my gosh someone take this computer away from me...

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he completely ignores her insinuations. He was just not gonna take it. This, this is why I love him... And, you know, how awesome his Russian is

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I like to think that if there is someone like Tom Hiddleston in the world, there must be other men who are like him, as well. They are a rare breed, but they exist. If this is true, there is hope for me, yet! :D

Tom Hiddleston, "So it's a strange relationship because I kind of love him." I honestly love how the actor fall in love with the character as much as the fans do...