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  • Kenny LeBlanc

    Personal Branding & Google Search Results [INFOGRAPHIC]

  • eKwipp

    Here’s How You, The Individual, Can Appear Higher on Google Search Results [INFOGRAPHIC] #ekwipp #tampa #socialmediamarketing #digitalmarketing

  • Triforce Media

    Google+ | Social Media Marketing -

  • Daniel Pereira

    Social Networks for a Better Online Reputation

  • Ridwan Revanzya Reyza

    When you type your name in Google, what comes up? Hopefully nothing negative. The Breakdown of A Person’s Google Results: How People Look in Google - and How to Look Better infographic from tells you which of your profiles are going to show up higher in google. If your personal image needs a boost, use BrandYourself, a free website that allows you to create a positive image of yourself and land it on the top page of the Google search.

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