Less high fashion, more down home and still very interesting and unique


Lovely pink lady

technology lady

purple hat

Bangkok, Thailand: beautiful lady

Lao Lady

When I asked this woman if I could take her photograph, she replied, "Why would you want a photograph of an old lady like me?" This is a response I hear quite often. I'm always surprised when some of the women I photograph don't realize how inspiring and vibrant they truly are. After the shoot, she smiled and I thanked her for making my day.

Untitled | Maybe the lady of the house

elderly balinese lady

ADVANCED STYLE 95 years old and beautiful.

T-shirts are available in both Old Is The New Black and Old Is The New Gold Styles Aging never...

Elaine Stritch,86 year old legend.

ADVANCED STYLE :: I adore how these two women have such different looks and takes on winter wear. The contrast is delightful.


79 year old with beautiful skin!

ADVANCED STYLE: Gretchen Schields


Even her cane is fabulous! She is 90 years old...!!!!!!!

"Colors Brighten My Mood"