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❈ 30 Shots ❈

New Years Eve: Fill glass with pink cotton candy and slowly pour sprite over it. Great for kids

23 Delicious Ways To Drink Whiskey Check out this menu for great Whiskey drinks to pair with a King Cigar! #TheKingCigar #TheKingIsHere #FollowTheKing #whiskey #pairing #cigars #premium #handcrafted

looks really girly but its 77 proof and sounds pretty good. Drink Recipes | Sweet Revenge

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Watermelon Lime Frosty ... my kind of drink! Summer in a glass. :-)


So if I always fill it to the top...that's a problem?

I lost almost 5 pounds in 7 days drinking this. No crazy diet. No crazy exercise. Thanks Jillian Michaels. This was an awesome way to cleanse my system post-vacation eating.

Barbie Shot Recipe: 1 oz Malibu® coconut rum1 oz Absolut® vodka1 oz cranberry juice1 oz orange juiceThis pink drink is delicious! You can order it in shot form or drink form. It comes with sugar on the rim. Happy drinking, Lovelies!

Mason Dixons = Firefly sweet tea vodka + lemonade.

Replace Sugary Drinks with Homemade Herbal Iced Teas. Lots of great serving suggestions and an easy to remember foolproof way to brew the perfect pitcher.