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I've always loved the idea of an Escher tattoo- first artist I really loved as a child- I just never could settle on one.

Another great one

People are ridiculously talented to be able to draw this on skin. It's way too intense for me to attempt to get on my body, but it's pretty rad.

second star to the right and straight on til morning, i would probably get something like this...

Peter pan tattoo 'Second star to the right, straight on 'till morning' such an awesome Disney tattoo

"nevermore" i think this is my favorite edgar allen poe inspired tattoo

"nevermore" i think this is my favorite edgar allen poe inspired tattoo but I would want to make it a bit smaller and maybe take a small quote from the raven and place that under the actual raven.

NEED comic book style tat

That tattoo is amazing. Ive always wanted a comic/ Roy Lichtenstein inspired tattoo like that. Would go nice with my Mike Mills Playground Love tattoo.

camping tattoo - Google Search

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Skull tattoo, intricate, and beautiful. All things I'm considering for my next tat :)

by Jude le tronik

this looks like the artist that did the shel silverstein poem books

Day of the Dead lady by Jon Goad

Day of the Dead lady by Jon Goad

I've never been a tattoo person really but I can see the value in some, and especially something like these white ink tattoos to add beauty to or cover up scarred areas.  Pretty

Beautiful White Ink Tattoo Ideas Before Getting Inked. White ink tattoo is quite rare but popular concept that many people use. For some people, it looks

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(c) Thea Duskin, Ghostprint Gallery (Richmond, VA)

coolest elephant ever

Loving patterns and linework within an animal or shape

Seahorse tattoo

Seahorse tattoo

Tattoo ideas

Im working on some ideas for a quarter sleeve tattoo, and like the mountain/sunrise/trees/water images in this for some inspiration. I thought you might like the mountains, trees and stream and you could put a bear in the water catching a fish :)


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Inspiration for my pinup nurse tattoo

I want this but I think I want to incorporate a Jesus fish in it as well.. or a cross... or a dove

This is a cool tattoo infinity symbol on wrist with life written into it