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    • faith haddox

      Singing a song all day long at Hogwarts!!! Lol Harry potter puppet pals

    • Kate Davis

      Hermione Hermione Harry Potter Harry Potter OOh HARRY POTTER HARRY POTTER SNAPE HARRY SNAPE HARRY SNAPE HARRY DUMBLEDOREEE herrrmionneee!! snape snape severus snape dumbledore ron ron ron weasley hermione hermione I'm Harry Potter~ harry harry potter SINGING OUR SONG ALL DAYY LONG AT HOGWARTS I found the source of the ticking! It's a pipe bomb! YAAYYY -BOOM- Muahah Voldemort Voldemort ohh voldy voldy voldymort da dun dun dun dun

    • Dalek Caan

      harry potter! harry potter! Hermione Hermione Hermione hermione hermione SINGING OUR SONG ALL DAY LONG AT HOOOOOOOOOGGWWAAAAAARTS

    • Faith Jones

      harry potter humor!!

    • Desirae Allen

      I don't even watch Harry Potter but this is funny. Kind of...who is the half blood prince?

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