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    Bloom's Taxonomy critical thinking questions. I am in love with this!!! :)

    • Pat Hastings

      Bloom's Taxonomy critical thinking questions...extreme my useful to use for our focus of instruction: H.O.T.S. (Higher Order Thinking Skills)!!!!

    • Library Lady : Questions: Building the Foundation for Critical Thinking - Classroom Poster : Themed Classroom Displays And Decoration : Office...

    • Cherish Hyatt

      Bloom's Taxonomy critical thinking questions Great teachers blog site too! How she sets up her class and kindergarten worksheets for writing etc

    • Rhondda Powling

      Questions to build a foundation for Critical Thinking. Poster available from

    • Stacy McClain

      Bloom's Taxonomy critical thinking questions. I am in love with this!!! :)

    • Amy Toye

      Questions: Building the Foundation for Critical Thinking. Poster $7.95

    • Claudie G

      Bloom's Taxonomy critical thinking questions THIS IS GREAT FOR ESL -

    • SEO in Connecticut

      Bloom's Taxonomy critical thinking questions #Math #MathTutors

    • Sandra Gonzalez Acosta

      Bloom's Taxonomy critical thinking questions never out of date

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    As far as creative word choice goes, bad is bad. Help your students find just the right way to say something isn't up to snuff.

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    Questions and Statements - You will need two lunch sacks and a variety of small classroom objects for this activity. Draw a question mark and write “Question” on one bag. Draw a period and write “Statement” on the other bag. Fill each bag with several objects. Children take turns drawing an item from the bag. If they chose the question bag, they must make up a question about the item. If they choose the statement bag, then they make up a statement about their item.