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      Where I live :) just sitting here on the corner of Awesome and Bombdiggity. Yup, we both live here @Denise Torres

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      funny quotes, sitting on the border of awesome and bombdiggity

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      just sitting on the corner of awesome and bombdiggity. #quote #words #inspiration


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      Funny quotes that will make you laugh

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      Now this is a giggle starter quote!

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    I'm not wearing a dress to look pretty. I'm wearing a dress because it's hot as balls and I don't feel like wearing pants. :)

    As much as I would love too, makes me itch under my jeans. Now only every other day! Yay

    this would not only apply at work....but also at home with the hubby!

    Oh my goodness, YES! Am I the only one sick of all the "Keep Calm" knock offs?

    This is true. Yeah I have like over 200 books and i have already read all of them 4-5 times

    Oh yes...I can work some profanity into a sarcastic comment and say it all in English!

    crazy love | butterflies | heart beat | fast | words | love note | fuzzy head | lovers | lovely | www.republicofyou...

    “As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust

    Totally me. (Especially when I'm watching my favorite: ONE DIRECTION!)

    The Last Kid Makes It All Worth It - So very true. How quickly we forget in a mere few years. Next year, the internet will have been in public use for a mere 20 or so years. Back when Win95 held sway, there was virtually NO SPAM, Live Journal was popular, and YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, Hulu, and so many more didn't exist. We still had loads of fun 140 characters was not a barrier to communication