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    Doctor Who print - Rose - Dr Who Tardis inspired 8x10 photo print art poster. £8.50, via Etsy. WANT. Do you realize how cool this would be as huge wall art?? Put it right above the mantelpiece.

    HOLY CRAP! a model TARDIS that really IS bigger on the inside. Watch and you'll see.

    Rose and her Doctor. Love this.

    HOLY TARDIS OF GALLIFREY ARE YOU SERIOUS?? TARDIS tour! - click on the link to take you there :)

    The Doctor and Rose... haha this is beautiful!

    My fantastic Rose This has to be the most beautiful thing ever.

    If someone used a TARDIS to propose to me, I'd be so happy

    Even when he forgot what the TARDIS was, who he was, he still remembered her.

    And you will fall into the stars in your search for your happiness.

    Doctor Who TARDIS mug <------ I want this so much it's not even funny!


    Doctor Who TARDIS Shower Rack Caddy #tardis #drwho #shower #caddy #bathroom #christmas #gifts #birthday

    Two of the Best Things Ever - The eleven incarnations of Doctor Who as cats.

    Nine and Rose

    5x10 Vincent and The Doctor - Amelia Pond as seen by Vincent - gorgeous fanart by the amazing Alice X. Zhang and it's been licensed by the BBC!

    River also made a comment about the TARDIS light, and asking the Doctor if it needed to be changed. (which he had just recently done). It's like the Christmas references. Never ignore a coincidence. Unless you're busy, then always ignore a coincidence.


    How to Explain Doctor Who to Different People.

    Doctor Who Tardis bathroom, Etsy / I WANT TO DO THIS TO THE BATHROOM CONVERSION!

    Tardis, Doctor Who Quote the episode the Doctor said it in made me cry😭