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"Her tray held not only wine but also glasses filled with ice cubes containing blue borage flowers and mint leaves, topped up with sparkling water.

Fancy Cubes

14 Fabulous Flavored Ice Cube Ideas

Thinking of a way to dress up your cocktails for your party? How about fruit and herb infused ice cubes? Use mint, raspberries or even rosemary to give your signature cocktail that extra kick!

Make these refreshing mint ice cubes to add a delightful twist to your cocktails and pitchers of lemonade this weekend.

5 Things To Try This Weekend

Mint leaf ice cubes - so simple and pretty! (with a recipe for fresh mint ginger lemonade.

alisaburke: infused ice

Pretty and easy ideas on how to spruce up those boring ice cubes. Edible flowers and fresh herbs can be a nice addition to holiday drinks or just a quiet time for yourself. (Make sure none of these additions have not been sprayed with pesticides!

So fun to brighten spring & summer water, lemonade, & iced tea!

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Summer ice-cut up your favorite fruit, divide up in an ice cube tray pour in water, sprite, white wine and freeze.

Flower ice

Sweet Idea: Freeze edible flower petals and mint leaves for colorful ice cubes. Tip: Boil the water before you add the flowers, so the ice is clear once it freezes