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from Scary Mommy

20 Things That Sent Me Into Parent Burnout

It was an accumulation of things in the making — years of stuff, months of stuff, weeks of stuff. Here's how I got to parent burnout.

from Motherly

What my friends without kids want to know—but are afraid to ask

"I said goodbye to a lot when we brought our daughter home. A lot of things ended, and if you are like me, you’ll miss them. Sometimes you’ll miss them a lot. But all the things you trade in are just that—things. Precious things, yes. But sleep, money, time and even my body? They are fleeting anyways. Yes I’m exhausted. But yes, I’ve never been happier."

from Pick Any Two

7 Annoying Things Toddlers Do That Are Actually Good for Them

#7 drives me up the wall! good to know there's some value to the annoying stuff kids do. Helps make positive parenting and being a good mom a little bit easier.

from Modern Parents Messy Kids

A Few of My New Favorite Things

100 Ways to Be Kind to Your Child - One of my very favorite pieces in our whole house! Not only does it look cool, it also gives me a small daily reminder of the mom I want to be!

from Overstuffed

Stop Giving Your Kids More Stuff! Why You Should Give Them Experiences Instead

Wondering what to give your children for their next birthday or Christmas? Try gifting them an experience instead of another toy. They will thank you for it! #overstuffedlife

from I Heart Arts n Crafts

30 Ways To Repurpose Baby Items