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DREAM-TIME. 1997/2004 Dividers, poker chip, porcupine quills, opals, wooden screen-door part, steel-point engravings, ledger paper, 17th-century kozo paper, leather, paper, text.

Neckpiece: RETROSPECTION. 2007 Pendant: 5" x 4.5" x 1.5" (13 x 11 x 3cm) Cord/Chain: 38" (95cm) Steel animal leg trap, medieval spur, Victorian spoon and fork, porcupine quills, Roman horse boss, dichroic marble, copper, Victorian keys and brass door latch, bronze artifacts, steel wire, brass, chandelier crystal, steel-point engravings, leather, soil.

Neckpiece: untitled 2000 Scissors, corkscrew, shoe tap, drafting tool screw, victorian leather button-hole and button, linen thread, book cover, engravings, mica, glass beads, steel wire, leather, paper, text, soil.

What We See in the Sky. 1997 Collection of Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC Bone-handled fork, pocket watch case, mason jar holder, nails, glass marble, opals, engraving, paper, text, etched and oxidized copper, bead, leather, brass.

Keith Lo Bue - LOOK ABOVE. 2010 Wooden carved coaster from early 1900's, plywood furniture ornament, brass, medieval spur, copper, coral, sea urchin spines, paua shell laminate, steel nails and tacks, labradorite, 19th-century color lithographs, raw African sapphires, mica, 1920's chain, Victorian keys, steel trap tongue, 18th-century steel-point engraving, leather, soil.

Keith Lo Bue - The Story Without End. 2012 Oyster knife, steel, copper, brass, resin, chalcedony, 16th- and 19th-century papers, microscope hardware, pearl, showe button, harmonium knob, mica, labradorite, glass beads, starfish, sea urchin spines, paint, clay pipe fragment, leather, soil.

Neckpiece: A QUESTION OF GRAVITY. 2004 Spoons, chandelier crystal, indigo-dyed twine, pyrite, steel, 16th-century paper, leather, scissor handle, porcelain dentists' teeth, steel-point engraving, brass, paper, text, soil.

Neckpiece: TWO SIDES OF HISTORY. (2009) $3,299.00 Steel animal trap, steel wire, drawer-pull, copper, nickel silver, brass, glass, upholstery tacks, pearls, antique steel keys, steel bolt, optometrist test lens, seaweed root-ball fragment, 18th-century French map, vintage earnuts, steel-point engraving (1850's), linen thread, leather, paint, soil.

Keith Lo Bue - Mesmerism 2008 - Victorian spoon and forks, brass, bronze artifact, raw opal, waxed linen thread, steel wire, leather, soil.

REQUIESCAT. 2003 13 x 11 x 5 cm (pendant) Serving spoon, porcelain doll bust, upholstery tack, brass drawer plate, opals, steel wire, brass, sterling silver, 16th-century paper, marble, bead, leather, porcelain button, paper, text, soil. Stand: Wood, etched and oxidized brass, steel, hardware. Collection of Charlotte Valestra, Santa Ynez, CA

Stuffsmith: The Found-Object Artwork of Keith Lo Bue.: December 2008