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Watermelon tent. "We've been in this forest for a week, Jones. I'm so hungry...I...I'm starting to see food. Right now I see a giant watermelon slice by that tree over there..."

This is awesome!

Ultimate camoflauge

Love Watermelon


strawberry watermelon lemonade

Awesome idea for an old FFA jacket!

Interior tent

Best Tent Ever.

Weird tents - the bubble.

I want a drumbrella!

watermelon and heart shaped sunnies.

Introducing ridiculously photogenic fish…this might be the most awesome thing ever.

Ruins, I saw improves. Don't even need to go to a photos shoot, they should use these to advertise clothing

Bucket list

Tent-trampoline…my childhood needed this. I loved how everyone ended up in a pile in the middle

Three pointed hanging tent: looks like more trouble than it's worth. Why not just a hammock tent?

Tent in a Truck Bed!!!!

After seeing this, my summer was a waste of time… The ultimate raft!