I think this is such a cute idea!

Really neat teacher blog with tons of ideas

Book Boxes using Walmart ice bins and colored duct tapeice bins from walmart

i LOVE this idea for encouraging kindness in the classroom community--there's also a picture book called "How Full is Your Bucket?" =)

Ways to organize your kindergarten classroom ----- I bought the boxes at Ikea. Put each student's picture on a box with their name. All of their go home work goes in here. At the end of the day it makes doing folders so much easier!!!! #kindergarten

what a great idea! I REALLY need to do this!!

freebie labels! .....Follow for Free "too-neat-not-to-keep" teaching tools & other fun stuff :)

Pour ranger les jeux plastifier... Il fallait y penser génialllllllllllllllllll

A lesson in handwashing. The Hand Washing Lesson My K-2 students absolutely loved this. The lesson uses lotion-covered hands and glitter to illustrate how germs spread. I placed glitter on one student’s hand and had the student shake hands, high five, and share a pencil with other students, and watching their reactions when they then had glitter (germs) on their hands was great! They then took turns washing their hands, learning just how much effort you should always

The unique and simple design of this cart accommodates restricted budgets. As well, ideal for single classroom use to store classroom book collections.#VBC5600

Using ipad for retell...I love this idea!!!! Great for "Read to Someone" center.

how to get books for the classroom for dirt cheap! you can sometimes get 300 books (of your choice!) for 10$

This is a serious library~ So colorful and coordinated. Are the book shelves secured? We can't have book shelves this tall unless they are secured to the wall. But, this sure looks great!

First Grade Fresh. Fun classroom ideas

Effective Pre-K and Kindergarten Classroom Management | Socyberty

Use a tap-it light to show think alouds during your read alouds. Tap the light "on" when you stop reading and discuss what the text makes you think. Helps students to "see" the difference between your reading and your thinking. Brilliant! Maar natuurlijk ook voor andere doeleinde te gebruiken.

Classroom Management - I like the wording of each misbehavior.

Last week read-alouds

Great classroom organizational ideas! 8090

K is for Kindergarten

Desk Organizer and lesson plan book