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  • Keenan Reed Johnson

    Craving Chart. I need to remember this!

  • Camylle Pearson

    Healthy foods that will satisfy your junk food cravings #health #wellness #nutrition

  • Melis Ann

    Healthy food replacements for cravings

  • Amanda Stanfill

    Interesting to see that your junk food cravings can be satisfied with healthy alternatives.

  • Sandra

    Interesting food cravings chart. Outlines the nutrients you may be missing if you're craving certain foods. Test it out! | #nutrition #diet #health #healthyfood #healthyeating

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I have a horrible sweet tooth and I crave sweets all the time! Glad to know what is missing in my diet that contributes to cravings.

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Made this today and its great: quick with not too many ingredients. Next time will add in some cinnamon or cardamom-CJ

Homemade frozen yogurt dots. Love anything frozen. This would be great snack after a workout in the summertime.

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