Plane and Simple: Carry-On Essentials. Let Annie give you the plane and simple truth about what to pack for travel this holiday season.

This is my most repinned pin. Such a great way to pack for a couple of weeks. Can't wait to use it this summer in New York! Just an update: I used a lot of these ideas except that I used a soft-side bag because I found I could fit more inside and there is room for expansion. Safe travels!

The Ultimate Cruise Packing List: Wonder what to pack for a cruise? I've made the ultimate cruise packing list! Print & download my handy cruise checklist to plan what to bring on a cruise.

In my carry-on. My in-flight travel essentials: 1. Powdered Dry Shampoo and a brush. To spruce up that greasy airplane hair. 2. Hand Sanitizer 3. A pint-sized roll on perfume. 4. A large scarf (can double as a blanket!) 5. Snacks and gum 6. Hand Cream 7. Lip gloss, mascara and a mirror (to freshen up before landing) 8. Iphone/iPod, headphones, and a fun magazine 9. Cozy socks! 10. Cleansing face wipes (so you can wipe off that greasy airplane feeling)

This bag is large enough to hold an extra pair of shoes, my scarf, a crossbody purse, my curling iron, hair brush, noise canceling headphones, MacBook Pro, glasses, snacks, iPad, and medicine. Make sure to toss your toiletries in containers 3 ounces or less and place them in a clear plastic bag to remove at security.

Heading out on a family vacation? Make sure you bring along a travel first aid kit to help in case someone gets a boo-boo or becomes sick while traveling.

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