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Franckeite / Bolivia

Phosphophyllite - Bolivia

Vivianite from Bolivia

Zinkenite | Bolivia

Metavauxite - Bolivia

Phosphophyllite / Bolivia

Ametrine - Anahi Mine, Bolivia

Ametrine: A very rare stone, which can only be found in one mine located in Bolivia. Ametrine is a very unique and rare combination of Amethyst and Citrine.

Rock Tree, Bolivia, Sud Lipez, Bolivia

Dinosaur Footprints from the cretaceus period (120 million years ago) - Torotoro National Park - Bolivia

A brilliantly colored phosphophyllite crystal with absolutely top gemminess and brightness to it. It is a DOUBLE TWIN - it has four separate twinned crystals grown together and diverging at the top in a very complex termination



An outstanding cluster of Vauxite on a white Allophane matrix / Siglo Veinte Mine, Bolivia

Uyuni, Bolivia

Sunset over Volcan Licancabur, Bolivia

Dinosaur Footprints! Toro Toro, Bolivia

touchdisky: Laguna Verde | Bolivia by Eita Imamura

Mount Sajama - Bolivia

Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

Bolivia......... by Sergio Pessolano, via Flickr