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Debt comes in all shapes and sizes and while there may be good debt, such as financing your mortgage or taking out a loan to fund your small business, there is also a great deal of bad debt. This debt can add up and before you know it, you’re getting those collection calls asking for the money you borrowed. In this article, you’ll learn a little about how to handle those calls and what you should do to minimize the damage to your pocketbook.

6 Free Online Courses to Boost Your Career Skills

Want to upgrade your career skills? These 6 free online courses on Coursera will help you improve your career skills and give you a competitive advantage.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Plastic Dependency: Americans are still cautious with credit cards and seem to be cutting back on purchases made with plastic to avoid new debt. *Infographic courtesy of Allmand Law (

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How to add music to #youtube video? - How To? : via @techgyo

Buzzword Bingo was created in the early 1990’s and popularised in a Dilbert comic strip. The premise of the game is to liven up a meeting or workday by ticking off buzzwords on a card as they are uttered. It is usually played to best effect when an outside speaker or higher management person is holding a talk or meeting, and who is well-known for using popular buzzwords or phrases, perhaps to disguise a lack of any real knowledge of the subject matter.

Mobile Plays A Growing Role In Cyber Monday Shopping [Infographic]

Cyber Monday - the first Monday back at work after the Thanksgiving Holiday - has become as important to the holiday shopping season as Black Friday - the day after Thanksgiving - has traditionally been. This year, mobile shoppers are expected to increasingly turn to their smartphones and tablets to hunt for deals, make purchases and generally inform their shopping decisions.