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747 landing

ready for takeoff

The Torch

Very Cool


Planes #photography

B52 on Air Craft Carrier. Nice landing


Learjet 40XR

F15 Eagle


# Space



"Felix Baumgartner, the Austrian BASE jumper aiming to break the world freefall record by jumping from 120,000ft above the earth's surface, moved a step closer to achieving his dream today after the successful completion of a test flight from 71,581 ft. (21,818 metres)."

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I prefer the rear of the plane - where's your perfect seat?

"Spectacular: RAF Hawk training aircraft perform a flypast, creating the colours of the Union flag"

open air


Sadly there is a law about this: Don't Drink & Fly


Morning Glory Clouds in Australia. Bourketown, on the Gulf of Carpentaria. This cloud formation occurs for just a couple of weeks in Sept/Oct, depening on conditions. A mecca for gliders and cloud appreciators alike.


Lone Pine, CA