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I like the idea of students charting their spelling test scores from week to week... could use for vocab too

from Teachers Pay Teachers

All About My Summer Poster: A Back to School Ice Breaker Activity

All about summer sheet that could be a brainstorming activity for writing (first week of school)

Student data folders...students track their own academic data and reflect on it each week. She shows how she got her students to do it INDEPENDENTLY each week...awesome!!!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Warning Cards (A Classroom Management Tool!)

This is a link to print out warning Cards. This gives students time to reflect on their behavior and cool down before discussing it with the teacher. @Emmeretta Russey

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Back to School Literacy Centers: It's Time to Learn

6 Back-to-School Literacy centers perfect for getting students back into the learning groove. Practices sight words, capitalization and punctuation, initial blends, and short vowels (‘a’ and ‘i’)!

from Diary Of A Second Grade Teacher

Student Where Abouts

Student Whereabouts - I love this! Of course you could do it with the students' names too. I might change the RTI to other

Shake and Add math Center! Students shake the bag and write the addition sentence made by the bears ending up on either side of the plus sign!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Routines, Procedures, & Rules: An editable PowerPoint for Back to School

Use this PowerPoint during the first week of school to teach rules, routines, procedures, and expectations to your new students. The PowerPoint is completely editable and customizable. Just type in the text box! This PPT is also great for reviewing routines, procedures, rules, and expectations after Winter break! $

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Homophone Match Up Game

Great game to practice homophones

Jeopardy generator that can be used with SmartBoard or projected from a computer. I like how this one keeps the score on the side!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

My Word Wall Book {An Interactive Word Wall Writing Notebook}

My Word Wall Book {An Interactive Word Wall Writing Notebook} (For grade 1, but can be adapted for higher)

Data notebooks for test scores ... each student can record their own scores, set goals for how/when to improve by, and monitor their progress! What a FANTASTIC idea!

This free download contains pages for you to use a basic data folder in your classroom. This is perfect for empowering students to take an active role in their progress and for charting/documenting data for the RTI process. There are 10 page types: *cover *math fact graph *reading fluency graph *reading level graph *behavior calendar *spelling word graph *sight word graph *grammar skill graph (this matches my Grammar Snapshots!) *goal sheet for reading, math, and behavior *AR points Some ...