Emily - I get called a Bitch quite often. What I don't get called is a pushover, stupid, sweetheart, or a doormat. Works for me.

Disney :)

oh disney

How Old Are The Disney Princesses? Whoa!

Disney World

Yep so true @Megan Ward Ward Popp and @Andrea / FICTILIS / FICTILIS Artz


haha hate this

Love Mickey

exactly! -- I'm laughing so hard at this!

*this week* :/


ah, the last minute


Someday I'll be a 90 year old woman. With my same dirty mind and even dirtier mouth. It's going to be AWESOME.



This is exactly how I feel. I know so many "story tellers" it isn't funny! But I never call them out on their bullshit, because I think the stories are just to humorous not to hear! Lmao!