Chalk board table for the school-age kids.

Lego Table diy from old side table

cute rug idea

I'm always throwing jars away rather than washing and peeling the labels simply because the lids have labels that won't come off. Why didn't I think of painting them, especially with chalkboard paint? Duh!

Pardon the mess - my children are making memories - chalkboard style - vintage lettering - with colored bunting flags via Etsy

half wall chalkboard

Kid's nook, love the wire hanging things

treehouse, step by step - build one for yourself

great way to show off kids' work

Love the idea for a cafe-like chalkboard wall in the kitchen. For wall behind homework station. next to coffee island

Rain gutter Book shelves! Brilliant!

DIY Play table for the playroom.

Homework stations. Cut a table in two and attach to a bookshelf.

DIY chalkboard table

BRILLIANT! Board games hanging on wall (no glass front in frame), baggie on back to hold pieces (or as in comments, screw eyelets in corners of board and hang with ribbon=fun idea for kids room.

Gallery wall for kids

Great organization center for the kids. Each gets a hook for jackets, backpacks, and lunchboxes. The calander shows them what they each have to do(chores, homework, sports,dance, etc.) Can clip homework to it, notes they have to take to school, etc. Such a great idea and it looks nice as well.

Hot Cocoa Recipe - love this chalk art

Kids' playroom: love the tasteful chalkboard and a place to hang art. Another idea is a removable cloth bulletin board instead of clothes lines.