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  • Donna Hi

    not in blood, but in bond-John Osalvo gotta hand it to Robert, he's been in the hole, and looked down the abyss and came back to let us know we can all make that journey and either become stronger or bitter, one's choice smiles

  • Kitty Reid

    Sherlock Holmes

  • Pat Versack

    Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law great job as Sherlock and Watson

  • Angela Sands

    "No Shit Watson!" "Keep digging Sherlock!"

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Sherlock John. S3: He gives up John because he thinks it's the way to save John and make him happy. Just effing why?

Watson deductions. I spot johnlock! :D Also, one of the "liar" may be John's, not Mary's.

Robert Downey Jr. dressed as Sherlock carrying a Iron Man lunch box. I may have swooned just a little....

Sean Connery Best Bond hands down George Lazenby.... really... no never Roger Moore 2nd i would say Timothy Dalton... comon really he did like 2 movies... and did horrible at them Pierce Brosnan ya he was deceit i would watch them all again Daniel Craig... humm... well he deff is the dark side of Bond... more to come hopfully

Daniel Plainview on his knees in There Will Be Blood

Simply perfect (rather like BBC Sherlock itself!)

This scene breaks my heart cause Sherlock thinks its the last time he is going to see John and he wants to say so much but what he wants more than anything is to see John laugh!! Look at him! He is MEMORIZING John’s laughter!!<---That.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Such a classic, even if it is one of the most unbelievable musicals ever. Meet a man once and agree to marry him 10 minutes later? Yes. Kidnapping leads to true love? Yes. Having a waist like Dorcas is possible? Yes. The brothers' colorful shirts are gorgeous and the barn raising dance scene is one of the most amazing things ever.

Because she is made of awesome.

reapersun: “SHOOT HIM. SHOOT HIM JOHN.” “sherlock what the hell?!”