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I am a climate change believer. It doesn't matter whether you believe it is happening or not, the important thing is to not waste and not harm our only home, planet EARTH.

Ez esan niri nola jantzi behar naizen, haiei esan ni ez bortxatzeko./ No me digas a mí cómo vestirle, diles a ellos que no violen.

Rape is not about what the victim does or does not do. Rape does not happen because the women walk or dress or act in some way -rape is an act of violence. In SA they even rape new born babies and 90 year old grandmothers. Don't dare blame the victims.

Worlds Most Polluted River  http://myscienceacademy.org/2014/02/05/worlds-most-polluted-river/

Worlds Most Polluted River - absolutely disgusting - mankind is wrecking any chance of a sustainable future ! This problem can only grow until it, literally, chokes us all!

The horrible reality of the consequences our trash has on the oceans and the species within it! Be conscience of the packaging you buy and recycle when ever you can

We’re Probably The Worst Species That Ever Lived On This Planet

Funny pictures about We're Probably The Worst Species That Ever Lived On This Planet. Oh, and cool pics about We're Probably The Worst Species That Ever Lived On This Planet. Also, We're Probably The Worst Species That Ever Lived On This Planet photos.

Save the Amazon!    Amazon Deforestation: Timelapse:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBIA0lqfcN4

Habitats are being destroyed and many species are disappearing and becoming extinct. We have to determine what is appropriate when forests are at stake, for instance reasons for agricultural expansion vs industrial should be approved.

Help save this planet! Please like this "OUR DYING WORLD" page & help spread the word! https://www.facebook.com/pages/OUR-DYING-WORLD/246376638844906?ref=hl

Save My Oceans Poster Campaign on awareness to save marine life from trash debris - Activism -

The Pernicious Myth of Perpetual Economic Growth By Dr. Glen Barry - "The present human condition is predicated on one of the biggest lies ever – that the economy can grow indefinitely. In a self-serving logical contortion, economists in service to the oligarchy measure the well-being of a society by how fast the economy grows, with little regard to the state of natural capital, human inequity, the welfare of ecosystems and other species, or the extent to which people and society are happy."

A protester carries a sign during the "People's Climate March" in the Manhattan borough of New York on Sept.

Trees help to slow climate change. They also improve air quality in urban areas. Don't cut down trees for a new home or for yet more agricultural land to feed yet more animals for meat, or for palm oil plantations. Your daily choices (what you buy) affect what happens to trees.  If you like this post then you will enjoy this one on Sustainable Palm Oil: https://livingcleannow.com.au/sustainable-palm-oil-the-responsible-choice/

How to Freecycle and Repurpose Tutorials

trees help to slow climate change, also improve air quality in urban areas - don't cut down trees for new homes, more agricultural land to feed for meat, or for palm oil plantations . the daily choices/what you buy affects what happens regarding trees

#EndFossilFuels. #NoDAPL

Google Keyword Tools - Free Keywords Tool? or Paid keyword tool?

WAKE UP CALL ... even if this is not entirely accurate, you know the point is  ... what will you do with this knowledge?

The Earth is Billion Years Old. Scaling To 46 Years We've Been Here 4 Hours And Our Industrial Revolution Began Just 1 Minute Ago. In That Time We've Destroyed More Than 50 Percent Of The World's Forests. This Is Not Sustainable.