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  • Ashley Ann

    Sea turtle eggs in the sand and just-born baby sea turtles - On my bucket list to help with a sea turtle project.

  • Sherry Cohron

    Baby turtles coming out ot the nest - my grandson says, this reminds him of a tree. (The Tree of Life!)

  • Judy Zinzer

    Sea turtle hatchlings. Just a little fact..did you know that the sex of the turtle is determined by where they are in the nest. They are a Temperature-dependent sex determination animal. The the eggs closer to the bottom of the nest are boys where it is warmer and the ones near the top where the nest is cooler will be girls.

  • Lois Breneman

    Turtle eggs & baby turtles already hatched, going out to the ocean!

  • Demetria McBride

    Please don't disturb any turtle egg nests you find. They have enough natural obstacles.

  • Patricia Havener

    Newborn Baby Sea turtles For HF, if you see this... went to the beach so far there are 45 nests on the driving section of the beach. A woman was working (she works for the turtle patrol) burying the holes that people dig during the day so the turtles don't fall into them at night. Someone else comes on at night and smooths down the ruts the cars make so the turtles can get up near the dunes to lay their eggs. Then they will start monitoring the nests at day 45 until day 70 for the babies.

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