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  • Cindy Flickinger

    Food planning, shopping, tips and tricks to saving money.

  • Kendall Adams

    Pinner says: Money saver, great tips and tricks!

  • Alicia Allen

    *Some great tips here ladies. Cut your grocery bill in half plus other money saving tips

  • Ashley Carmen

    Great tips and tricks to cut your grocery bill in half. doing some of this already but excited to try more. who doesn't like extra money? ~ From Blissful and Domestic

  • Cindy Jossart

    Cut your grocery bill in half. This blog has great tips on how to really save money. They live on $14,000/year! I don't think I will do everything, but it has some good ideas.

  • Rebecca Lauer

    budget grocery shopping tips

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Blissful and Domestic Blog: Staples Pantry List. Great place to start when trying to get the pantry stocked with basics.

1. Use Tins for Storing Spice Packets 2. Store Craft Supplies in the Closet 3. Use Lemons to Whiten 4. Schedule with Clothespins 5. Organize Your Fridge with Baskets 6. Re-Use Dryer Sheets for Dusting.

Money Saving Tips Infographic...not giving up the gym though

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Google tips and tricks if you are bored. yes, you are thankful for this

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