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    Big Bang theory!! When I looked at this I laughed and thought "He has a Klingon blade!" then I stopped and wondered how I knew that was a Klingon blade.

    I CAN'T!!!! xD

    Pool noodles funny lord of the rings pictures Possibly all movie weapons should be replaced with pool noodles. Laughed too hard at this.

    Alien Balloon - can't stop laughing!

    Richard III: Hide and Seek World Record Holder! Just found his remains when a parking lot was dug up 100 miles from london 500 years later on 2-4-2013

    Comics - Taking your shirt off makes every situation more intense -

    Sir Macklemore "Thrift Shoppe" :: xLaurieClarkex~ in iambic pentameter no less! And lookit the swag profile pic :-) yet another fine example of why things are even funnier when you consider the time, thought and sheer EFFORT it takes to do something so silly :-) I'll bet the poet was at work whilst writing it too.. Hehe

    Hahaha! XD

    My life

    WHY IS THERE A FACE IN THE EGGS<<< I've already pinned this but I didn't see THE FACE! OMG I AM DYING LAUGHING!

    Pay Attention Big Bang Theory Shirt

    where were you all my life?

    this is literlaly my life in a nutshell omg this is why im single!!! XD

    my life


    big bang theory

    Um, I just literally laughed out loud... on the train... sitting next to a stranger. Ha! (Yes, this comment is from Emily)

    Thayer will make awesome parents one day

    OMFG lmao. Bahahahahahaha...if you haven't seen A Very Potter Musical (AVPM) then you'll never get how funny this is (& yes I did read Fifty Shades of Grey).

    When this kind of thing happens to me, I always have to fight back tears. And, now, I will hear this song in my head.