Aussie Style Invades Brooklyn at Brunswick Cafe by Barbara Peck: Ty Tan Designs creates the cafe's plantings...Tan got the pots from the New York Botanical Garden and aged them with garden lime. "It only takes a few days for the white look to appear," she says. "Then it keeps going as you water the plants and the water seeps through the clay."

Cozinhas com lousa | Noz-Moscada


black & white abstract art, cherner chairs

black wall with white wording- for visitor area. mission and vision stuff, ministry info etc.

Parede de 12 metros, feita de sobras de madeira de carpinteiros locais é o destaque desse projeto. #ecodesign


Une rénovation près de Barcelone « « PLANETE DECO a homes world PLANETE DECO a homes world

Ambiente para restaurante

Cadeiras em balanço!

chalk wall

geometric rug

love the wall color and breakfast board

Love the bricks & jars & board (cozy, café, coffeehouse, coffee shop, blackboard, chalkboard, chalk, black, board)

Dining 'nook' - like a booth but you could have a dinner party. Nice for a small room!

Awesome "old barn" staining technique for a dining room table. And a cheap table tutorial! $31 to build!!


I spy an 1) Eat These Things Poster, 2) Tiny Birch House, 3) Golden Scales Tumbler, 4) Strawberry Shortcake Print, 5) Terracotta Plate, and more goodies! Come check them out at