Chester Higgins Jr.

Love is the beauty of the soul. St.Augustine - ♀ ♀ #beautiful #women


even i black and white this is just stunning. Her eyes are so piercing and it even reminds me of The Young Afghan Girl by Steve McCurry

eyes & freckles.

those eyes.....

The board is called FACES. This is not only my favorite pin on that board, it may be my favorite of all 8000 of my pins. An amazing capture.

Hidden Beauty by Rudra Mandal, via 500px

this child is beautiful

Emerging faces from developing world series, Australia by Donna Todd Facebook Cover

Beautiful eyes

Those beautiful green eyes looking deep into my soul.

black and white portraits.


the beauty is in the eyes

The eyes!

Beautiful green eyes...wish mine were this color!

Afghan eyes

This woman has lived a hard life, each line a story.

. Photo by Amnon Eichelberg