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There's probably good reason to believe that human giants exceeding 8-9 feet existed in the past, but some say there was an entire race, known as the Nephilim, who roamed the Earth over 2000 years ago.

More giant human skeletons found off of the California coasts in the Channel Islands

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Skeletons over 8 feet in length accidentally uncovered in Arizona

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  • Rachel T

    In reality this man is very big. I cannot remember his name off the top of my head but he was a pro boxer and now is the equivalent to a congressman in russia.

  • Angelina Cox

    nikolai valuev

  • Beth Bruski

    Steroids don't make you grow taller, just increase muscle mass. However, some people don't get the signal to stop growing. They continue to grow until their hearts can't handle it any more.

  • Meritt Rayner

    looks like acromegaly for sure

Giant Human Skeletons: Fomorian Giant Uncovered in Ireland

Giant human skull

  • Eric van Dalen

    You are exactly the persons that would reject the archeological evidence of giants. Do you see my point! I do believe science by the way. Just not the hogwash false science commonly accepted as truth but having no foundation. Even Darwin recanted his belief in evolution.

  • Dave Condit

    Well Eric, you and I will never agree on this. To each his own I suppose.

  • Susanna

    He may be crazy. I guess "evidence" may mean something else to him.

  • Susanna

    And he is still talking about all proven fake pictures as his evidence.

  • Dave Condit

    Eric is a little unclear about the meaning of evidence.

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