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    America's "Mystery Island" was Catalina Island off of the California coast, with pygmy elephants and giant human skeletons uncovered

    Mother & child skeleton found in grave, looks like the child was never born, if so, probably why they both died.

    Check out the findings from The Catacombs of Rome #amazing #wow #ancient #rome #unbelievable

    Mermaid Skeleton

    7 feet, 2 inch skeleton with "archaic" features of a sloping forehead and protruding brow ridge discovered on Catalina Island, California.

    Giant human skull

    Neanderthal & Human skeleton

    Bones of the giant humans were 8-10 feet tall

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    Giant Human Remains Uncovered in Montana

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    Giant skeletons are found off of the California coasts on Santa Rosa Island

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    Primitive Race of Giant Human Neanderthals Uncovered in North America. Photo from, "The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley."

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    Giant skeleton

    What happens when a very young child's complete skeleton is found intact with an already-formed and perfect elongated skull? What can the explanation be for this strange anatomical feature? The cranial binding theory can be dismissed since the child didn't live long enough for the process to have an effect. So how did this child develop an elongated skull so early in life? This is one example that modern science chooses to avoid like the plague - because it has no answer.