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Seen on Tumblr: I am completely obsessed with this Victorian cottage that this woman made out of an 9 by 14 foot hunting cabin in the Catskills.  It’s so white and shabby chic and whimsical without being childish, I feel like it’s something I created in a dreamspace. When I’m mediating and have to think of my safe place, it’s going to be in the loft of this lil cottage.  I would sell my soul to spend a night there, just so I could see the sunrise through these windows.

Love this cottage: thats the kind of place I want in my back yard to retreat to when I need quiet time because everyone else in the house has ticked me off- oh wait . I live alone, ok so when I need a time out from myself then- lol

Tiny Houses mean creative living. Would make an awesome guest house.

29 Ultra Cozy Loft Bedroom Design Ideas

The Chic Technique: Elegant lofted bedroom suite - Villa Machiavelli, Tuscany, Italy. This is a dream-come-true loft for a tiny home. And check out the gorgeous lighting, too!

tiny house. I dig it. Don't care for the color though...

"Little pink houses for you and me." -John Cougar Mellencamp Pink House: This is the narrowest home in Charleston at 14 feet wide.

Mother in law cottage

Delightfully Noted: Crush of the Month: Dreamy Garden Sheds {aka Backyard Retreats}. Such a perfect little cottage

BECKI OWENS- Get the Whitewash Look: Paint, Limewash, and the German Smear

Get the Whitewash Look: Paint, Limewash, and the German SmearBECKI OWENS

Get the whitewashed brick look! We're talking limewash, German Smear, slurry wash, and paint to show you the ways to get this favorite exterior update.

So inviting...

Such pretty curb appeal. I generally don't like balconies facing the front of a house. but the front door, lighting, topiaries and brick walk are so fabulous here

Perfect little guest house ... for the cottage when the girls are married.

Megan Lea's Backyard House, built out of recycled barnboard with copper roofing. A kids playhouse idea?

A beautiful two-story cottage in your backyard would be perfect for a guest house or an art studio! What would you use this backyard cottage for?