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1. Spray oil stains with wd-40. 2. Pile on baking soda and scrub with tooth brush. 3. Repeat (2.) until baking soda no longer clumps. 4. Apply Dawn and scrub with tooth brush; leave in as a prewash treatment. 5. Launder normally.

The hanging tree notes

'90s slow dance playlist... need all of these immediately... @Michael Dussert Dussert Dussert Peer nerd

Emerald Watch, circa 1600 - from Museum of London exhibition "The Cheapside Hoard: London’s Lost Jewels" (via Forbes)

I am too, Tom.



Have to make this for Kelly.

These young literary heroines have a lot to teach us. Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Narnia, Alice in wonderland, Nancy Drew, Hunger Games, The Golden Compass, A Little Princess, a Wrinkle In Time, Anne of Green Gables, To Kill A Mockingbird

Great tip!!

12 virtual surgeries you can try your hand at

Outdoor pool table

That’s why Julie Andrews is so great!

this seriously does work.. freaking crazy!

Let's Bring Back: 1920s vocabulary, because I particularly like the term "fly boy" and "bees knees" has a certain ring to it. We used these phrases for a 1920's themed murder mystery party a few years ago. It was the cat's meow!

Single use ointment/toothpaste/lotion/etc. put it in a straw. Heat your pliers and seal it shut. Hole punch and throw on a key chain inside your first aid kit/ toiletry bag/ purse / backpack. Great for camping, hiking, or traveling.

Struggling to find the perfect color for something? Try taking a look at the emotions that colors evoke in people before choosing the latest color pallet for a new project.

Like our chicken fried, cold beer on a Friday night!

Tip: In an emergency, a crayon will burn for 30 minutes.

Blue owls

Most asked job interview questions and how to answer them.

hand and foot techniques

ALL GIRLS SHOULD READ! A group of rapists and date rapists in prison were interviewed on what they look for in a potential victim and here are some interesting facts: A good thing to read and be aware! This brought up some points that I had never heard before and some things that I even do that I need to stop! Please REPIN, IT COULD SAVE A LIFE!!

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