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All you need to know about goats

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2-liter bottle of water in roof provides as much light as 50-watt light bulb. Ingenious! I will be trying this in a garden shed and/or chicken coop.

How To Raise Chickens

There is a lot of confusion in the poultry industry surrounding Ameracauna or “Easter Egger” chickens — commonly they have the Araucana* gene for blue/green eggs which makes them desirable.  However, they have been commonly cross bred with just about every other breed to make them better layers, bantams, more docile, or what have you.If the cross is with a white egg layer, the Easter Eggers eggs are blue, if the cross is with a brown egg species, the eggs will be green in color, or brown.

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Chicken Saddle or Apron

Female turkeynotice the short waddle and small tail, no excessive neck folds

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Have the water from the chicken house roof top collect in rain barrel to auto water the chickens

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A very fresh egg, placed in water, will lie on the bottom. A week-old egg will lie on the bottom but bob slightly. An egg that is around three weeks old will balance on its small end, with the large end up. And a bad egg will float.