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How Memory Works #Infographic

The science of happiness explained in one infographic. Visit http://www.counselinginsite.com/about.html for more information and resources from Counseling Insite. Knowledge is Power

Descriptive words

Personality types - prone to mental health conditions.

Left Brain - Right Brain.


Body Language Cheat Sheet - Really interesting.

Very interesting...

Fraction Rules Poster or Handout.....Like I will EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR need this.

[Infographic] The 7 styles of learning.

People with dyslexia tend to be right-brained, while the school system is designed for people who are left-brained

Big Problem, Little Problem Poster....I know some adults who could use this visual....

Left vs Right

FREE Resources for Teaching Close Reading~ Helping students connect in meaningful ways with nonfiction has always been a challenge. This article defines close reading, offers teaching tips, and provides downloads to help teachers make the transition to this key CCSS style of instruction!

Right Brain by hiddentalents #Brain


Speaking of Languages

Negotiation Infographic - Tackle Conflict in Any Setting - Creighton University

Amazing example of whole brain teaching in middle school... getting their attention, covering rules, etc!

My Piggyback Idea: Getting-to-Know-You Activity... Write one question on each color of the beach ball (use a bigger beach ball). Children answer the question that their right hand lands on. If they land on the question again, the group has to remember what his/her answer was to that question... encourages active listening. You could play this in small groups of 4-8 or as a whole class during the first week of school.