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Fierce. Just. Fierce. Shall I say more? One’s thoughts need not wander longer, as the Sultan of Monte Cristo unfolds this foresight in the same spirit of Alexandre Dumas, creating a hunger and thirst to read. Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Xlibris.


The sequel to The Count of Monte Cristo by Dumas manages to introduce such a microscopic view into the full-flesh world our colorful characters engage in that readers can't help being sucked in. We cannot help but run breathlessly alongside them throughout the journey, to imagine the consequences between their words, to ponder on their insights and their woe-filled courses of action. #BN #Action

Watch The Movie on Amazon ! Starring: David Friedman, Lucie Arnaz "Our thoughts create our reality; What we think appears before us in the world; Change your thoughts and you change your life"