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indian wild dog (Dhole - cuon alpinus)

"I Think I will get You" by --- The Dhole (Cuon alpinus) is a species of canid native to Southeast Asia.

Dholes are social wild dogs classified as endangered

Dhole Pups at Minnesota Zoo

The Dhole is a wild dog species native to South and Southeast Asia. These highly social animals live in large packs, and because of these big group sizes, the ongoing loss of habitat and prey due to human encroachment has had a serious impact on the species. They have also been the targets for persecution, being hunted for bounties throughout India. Now listed as endangered, the dhole is protected by the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, however, continued loss of habitat and prey means the ...

Dholes on Alert. Dholes are great communicators and use an eerie whistle to communicate with each other. They also use a variety of other noises, including clucks and high-pitched screams that are not found anywhere else in the canid families. One of the reasons dholes keep such a large home range is the need to find enough prey to eat. Dhole packs often hunt as a group, with one lead dog in charge. - See more at: animals.sandiegoz...

Dhole (Asiatic Wild Dog). The most endangered Asiatic top predator, the dhole, is on the edge of extinction.

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