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George Soros and his fellow liberal mega-donors are currently readying the post-Hillary Clinton Democratic party to oppose President-Elect Donald Trump. According to Politico, Soros and other key

The elite are desirous for the Tea Party to win more seats in the congress. There are many differing reasons why they want this, but one of the reasons is so that they may create an even greater gridlock where nothing can be accomplished or new laws passed and all of this because it is more desirable to rule by fiat, or edict, and if congress is unable to act then the president will cause some things to be implemented without the need for the approval of congress. read more

Most people, in other words a majority of people, within the U.S. are accepting of greater security and greater controls believing that the government is actually protecting them from real threats. True Freedom, is not forefront in most people’s mind, instead they are focused on many other things, and they prefer a feeling of greater security, even if it is false.

These people who incite crowds and promote unlawful acts are more commonly known as Agent Provocateurs, and they have been used in these demonstrations and as more demonstrations are organized throughout the county they shall be used in these places too. This is now being done in some places where looting and other violent acts have begun to take place.

Many are rightfully angry about the police shooting in Missouri. This has created a desire to do something to express their own emotional outrage and this includes marching in streets and holding other kinds of public demonstrations. However, there are those who work for government agencies and their purpose, or their job, is to act-out during such events so that the demonstrators seems like an unruly crowd, and this helps those in government to appear to be using appropriate force.

Gruber visited Obama's office as the Democratic Party's “most influential health-care expert.”