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Love this... Bring the outdoors in... Pretty vintage plates have been hung on a kitchen wall over branches-'n-birds wall decals or trompe l'oeil painting. <> (bird, decor, decorating, motif)

bird nest painted on wall | ... perfection paints artwork for sale bird nest on wall close up below

Painted Bird - This little bird pitched by my doorstep, Singin a sweet song, a melody pure and true, Sayin, This is my message to you-ou-ou... Dont worry about a thing, cause every little things gonna be all right! Sing it! :)

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Removable Wallpaper - Birds and Beetles

Birds and Beetles Removable Wallpaper Wall Decal

i just love nonsernse walls....the 3 dimensional bird cage adds so i said ALL about different representation whether it be color, texture,shape or even dimension

The next time you go yardsale-ing and see an old, weird plate, buy it for 25 cents, store it, and wait till you have a dozen weird plates.

Stole this from Emily's board. What a cheap and artful way to decorate a wall. How much fun would it be to comb through thrift stores, flea markets, etc to find the perfect plates!

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5 Low Cost Big Impact DIY Branch Centerpieces

branch and birds