great classroom management idea!

Classroom Management Strategy/Target Behaviors--Put up 5 magnetic shapes on a cookie sheet near large group area. When someone interrupts, instead of saying something just take down a magnetic shape. Shapes left at the end can be counted toward.

The Simplest Classroom Management System Ever! I just wonder if this would work for middle school. I like how it's very basic and doesn't require constant rewards. Even so, I would want to be able to recognize single students...

Downeast Teach: The Simplest Classroom Management System Ever! This is awesome I just don't know if I have a way to work it into speech sessions as a behavior management system

Classroom Freebies: Behavior and Classroom Management

Behavior and Classroom Management

Class Dojo Rewards ideas using a token system. For behavior interventions instead of behavior charts you have to print daily. They have an iPhone app too so you can give points really easily even when your not by the computer.



I'm thinking change "sit" to "stand," hands folded to hands at your sides, and "speaker" to forward. Perfect for when we leave the classroom. Get your shine on!

classroom management ideas

classroom management ideas idk how happy rocks work, but i imagine students could exchange them for a treat or special privilege when they collect a certain amount.

Rewards and consequences chart

Pin is for Elf on the Shelf,,, but I wanted to remember this pin for the magnetic behavior chart. Do this next year instead of clothespins!

A Turn to Learn: Fun Way to Get Your Kids to Stop Chatting!

a fun way to get your kids to stop chatting. check out the link for a cute video and little tricks on how to use it for classroom management! Fun song for the music classroom!

Tricks of the Trade Thursday: Attention-Getters and Transitions

Tricks of the Trade Thursday: Attention-Getters and Transitions

very cute and unique attention grabbers- I especially like, "Tootsie roll, lollipop. We've been talking. I got them from a colleague the kids love them!

Student Spaces The Desk Fairy Will Love! Dismissal routine anchor chart

Student Spaces The Desk Fairy Will Love

Classroom Management: Dismissal routine anchor chart plus lots of great tips for teaching students to stay organized in this post.

Motivate your students with these free positive behavior coupons with a space theme.  Tabitha Carro

FREE SPACE Positive Behavior Reward Coupons (Classroom Freebies)

FREE SPACE Positive Behavior Reward Coupons and lots of ideas and resources for decorating a fun space-themed classroom

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Adapt for high school .*FREE* Quick and easy notes to staple to unfinished work. Each note has a quick checklist, so that the teacher may note why the student has unfinished work. A blank has been provided for additional reasons/notes.

Non-verbal classroom management tips: 5 ways to keep kids in line and focused on working without using words.

Non-verbal classroom management tips

What does nonverbal classroom management look like and how can a teacher keep students focused on learning without using words or sounds? Here are five very simple, no-cost, low-tech ways that have worked for one teacher over the years.