Road Trips ~ Discovering small town treasures and great food.. diets not allowed!! inspiration inspiration inspiration

bucket list - take a picture with every state sign in America

Summer road trips

Done...... It was INCREDIBLE!!.... Cars were pulled over everywhere and we all watched the show....... Unforgettable!

Hold on, to me as we go<3

I did the walk behind the falls in niagara but it doesn't really count since ur in a tube behind a railing

#travelcolorfully back view

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This photo reminds me of the book/movie "Into The Wild". It looks as if someone took their vehicle and made a makeshift bed, and just up and left to explore. by Peter Franck

Bucket list: travel somewhere tropical to swim with dolphins!

To get away someday

Check! ✔️ Just did this today!! It was friggin awesome!

An old car ride in the country with warm weather...almost as therapeutic as a motorcycle ride in the country with warm weather

done.....I went to Maui, but I want to visit the other Maui again. :D

old school travelin'

Bucket list: go on a hot air balloon ride in Turkey

Liberté !

Bucket list: add a lock to the Love Lock Bridge in Paris.

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Ireland is my favorite country outside of my own. I would love to visit all of the old castles and the rolling hills as well as Dublin and Belfast and the rest of the cities. I'd also love to kiss the Blarney Stone.

Summer road trips with best friends