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True Love...This is how we do it in our house ♥ our dogs!

Hahaha especially when they run away and you run after them yelling "Let me love you!!!"

OMG I do this all the time...but I pick him up instead so he can't run lmao. The beauty of having a small dog!

I love this... and all the dogs I've been fortunate to know! Thanks, Jan, It Made my Day.

Dog Vs. Cat Dairy. Makes me laugh every time!:D

♥ Dogs ♥ In memory of Mick, we rescued him after a horrible first rescue gone wrong. When we got him he was blind and neglected. He joined our family with so much love. We miss him so much. Please recue if you can. Mick gave us so much!

I may have cried when I read this. A lot of people have said "they are just dogs" to me before. No, they are not. They are part of my family and to me Abby and Tex have never and will never be "just a dog" to me or Josh. There is no price tag on the love and companionship of a dog. And if you think there is, just remember, you are your dog's everything.

Funny Encouragement Ecard: Face it friends ~ nobody on this Earth, will love you more, be more patient with your mood swings, or keep your secrets better than your dog.

Reminds me of Ella, only downside with my dog is that she usually wakes me between 3:30-4:00 a.m. to play.

Or, even though I'm cramped in the corner, I just don't bother because it's just so cute that they are cuddled up so close to me :-)

I would much rather make the puppies homemade treats than risk them getting sick from all of the tainted crap in the stores now a days