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Personal dramas amid the crisis over climate change-"Between Two Waves", a play about climate change.

Climate Change

Kansas Teen Files Climate Change Lawsuit- “I live in an agricultural area,” said Samantha, “I’ve noticed how climate change is affecting crops, and I can see how it’s affecting the garden in my backyard. I’m filing this lawsuit to demand that my state take the necessary steps to combat climate [change] to protect our way of life and preserve the state’s resources for future generations.”

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Climate change worsens drought, strains economy, budget and consumers. Climate change effects drought by melting snowmelt earlier, causing warmer temperatures which increase evaporation, and change wind and rain patterns.

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"Climate Change Linked to Ozone Loss: May Result in More Skin Cancer ScienceDaily (July 26, 2012) — For decades, scientists have known that the effects of global climate change could have a potentially devastating impact across the globe, but Harvard researchers say there is now evidence that it may also have a dramatic impact on public health..."

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