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    The Tampa Bay area and climate change: Better pay attention

    Climate Change Infographic

    Climate Change

    Climate Name Change

    The science says climate change is happening now, not just in computer models or overactive imaginations but in the real world. From rising sea levels to droughts to tornadoes and wildfires, there is a growing list of anomalous events that indicate climate change is already upon us. And the safe bet is to start acting now to mitigate the human effect on climate change at the international, national and local levels.

    Mexico’s New Climate Change Law Almost a Reality

    Some considerations on Solar Power and its impact on Planet Earth. Also, the lastest on who's going solar! #energy

    McKibben climate change

    The Most Important Thing We Can Do to Fight Climate Change Is Try | The Nation

    climate change hoax

    Climate change worsens drought, strains economy, budget and consumers. Climate change effects drought by melting snowmelt earlier, causing warmer temperatures which increase evaporation, and change wind and rain patterns.

    Give a Shit about Climate Change (fb)

    NY State Expects All Utilities to Prep for Climate Change | Climate Central

    Ragweed Pollen Season: A Climate Change Indicator

    Bats threatened by climate change

    TULSA, Okla. (AP) – Tulsa Health Department officials say a sampling of mosquitoes from Tulsa County has tested positive for the potentially deadly West Nile virus. Link:

    Global Warming and Climate Change skepticism examined

    Africa’s Great Green Wall Against Climate Change Begins - Senegal's capitol city Dakar sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean on a peninsula. It's at least a thousand miles to the Sahara desert yet the air today is so thick with sand that the tops of buildings disappear in a sandy haze. It's the worst sand storm in a year and people here are worried that climate change will cause these events to be more common. Seasons are shifting across the region.

    New Report Puts Price Tag on Climate Change in U.S. - Climate change poses “multiple and significant risks” to the U.S. economy, particularly along coastlines and to the energy and agriculture sectors, a new report released Tuesday concludes.

    2013 Climate By the Numbers: One-Stop Shop for it All

    To Stop Climate Change, Students Aim at College Portfolios